May 14, 2018

Several drying plant reconstructions in Hungary

Tornum Hungary to supply grain dryers

The dryer and the first silo are assembled at Gödöllői Tangazdaság Zrt. The system contains an HR4-22 heat-recovery dryer with Skandia I-line equipment, grain cleaner and storage silos with a capacity of 1500 tons/each. The assembly works of the transport equipment and the silos are in process.

Tornum Hungary will also supply a drying plant for Somogyapáti Gabonatermelők Mezőgazdasági Szövetkezete. The plant contains an HR3-16 heat-recovery dryer with Skandia I-line equipment and a cleaner with a capacity of 40 t/h. The disassembly work on their old plant has started, and the new system will start up beginning of October.

The assembly works has also started at Kurucz-Agro Kft’s plant in Füzesgyarmat, Hungary. The new system contains an HR3-12 heat-recovery dryer with Skandia transport equipment and cleaner. According to the plan, the plant will start up in June.