Apr 23, 2019

Tornum acquires Mundus Maskin AB

Tornum AB has acquired all the shares in Mundus Maskin AB – a Swedish supplier of grain equipment, primarily for Swedish agriculture and its industry.

– Mundus has been a company that has been on Tornum’s acquisition wish list for a long time since we have seen a good complement to the Tornum Group, both market and product-wise, says Tornum’s CEO Per Larsson.

– Through our broad competence and long experience, we have created innovative solutions and a very good market position, says the company’s former owner Jens Lundgren.

Over the years, Mundus has developed its own and highly acclaimed energy optimized drying control, NMC (Natural Moisture Control), a process control that is quite right in time. In short, this means that the PLC-controlled process system dries, monitors and maintains the grain with the least possible energy consumption, while the NMC system secures the highest quality of the raw material.

The NMC control complements Tornum’s own plant control and its drying control IDC very well. Both companies can offer the control that suits every individual project and customer in the best possible way.

– We saw Tornum AB as a long-term and value-creating buyer of the company and we are fully convinced that it will be extremely positive for both the company’s employees and for the company’s customers, says Mundus former owner Jens Lundgren.

– Tornum and Mundus will both have a broader product portfolio and an even larger market presence, as well as further excellence that strengthens the companies’ market-leading position in Sweden, concludes Per Larsson.