TORNUM can supply gas burners for LPG or natural gas for direct fire in vertical grain dryers. The range includes several different types of channel burners or linear burners, depending on the type of system to be installed.

A directly heated grain dryer with a gas burner consumes less energy compared with indirect heating, such as an oil furnace.

Line burner
With this type of combustion, the process air for drying, generated
by the dryers fans, the combustion air generated by the
burners fans and the combustion fumes, all mix together to
form the air necessary to dry the product, reducing energy consumption.
Heat capacity from 814 kW to 16280 kW

Duct burner
Burners inserted inside a square or rectangular duct channel made
of zinc-plated steel manufactured according to the Dryer manufacturers
specifcations. Just like the other burners, these have a
linear combustion body in stainless steel for high temperatures,
that, only in this series, can be designed in an “H” or “X” shape. This
type of configuration, which differs from the traditional linear
burner, allows to increase the heating capacity while at the same
time keeping the same size of duct section.
Heating capacity from 175 kW to 4650 kW

Fire detection system




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