IDC – Intelligent Dryer Control


Total control – wherever you are

Tornum IDC is a software-based control system monitoring and controlling the outgoing moisture content in continuous dryers, consisting of moisture sensors and a control unit. Via the user-friendly interface, you have full control over the entire drying process on your PC or tablet.

Precise drying to exact moisture content
One sensor is positioned in one of the upper drying sections, measuring the incoming moisture. The second sensor is placed in the cooling zone, close to the dryer outlet. Using information about incoming and outgoing moisture content, the control unit sets the speed of the dryer discharge to obtain the desired moisture content out of the dryer – regardless of ambient conditions.

Minimizes drying cost
Even more importantly, with Tornum IDC you take the guesswork out of the drying process and minimize the risk of overdrying your grain just to be on the safe side – an expensive practice that can now be effectively eliminated. Fewer manhours needed to monitor the drying process lower the costs even further.

Optimizes grain quality
Drying grain with Tornum IDC also means you reach the desired moisture levels every time, maximizing obtainable product quality, weight and prices.

• Reduced drying costs
• Increased dryer capacity
• Total control over the drying process
• Change grain type and drying recipe at the touch of a button
• Optimized drying process
• Intelligent software adapts to conditions
• Easy to install, easy to use
• An instantly profitable investment



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