TORNUM IIMC – Instant Inline Moisture Control

Anyone handling grain needs to check the moisture content of the product being handled on a regular basis. Tornum’s IIMC moisture meter simplifies this process and can be fitted anywhere along the flow of grain, directly or via a hose – after an elevator, before or after the dryer, etc.

Operating specifications
The moisture meter collects grain from the flow. The product to be checked is collected in a container with a level indicator. When the container is full, a moisture reading is done electronically. When the moisture level has been recorded, the container is emptied and the checked product drops back into the flow at a suitable point. After emptying, the measuring container is refilled and a further measurements are made – the frequency of measurements depends on the users’ requirements.

The moisture sensor is connected to a control unit that can be installed at a suitable point along the flow. The unit allows the operator to enter the type of grain to be measured and to read each individual measurement, as well as average values. The operator can also inititate and stop measurements and calibration via the unit, or from the main control system.

The meter will prompt the operator to carry out a calibration at certain intervals. When the operator acknowledges the calibration, the newly measured grain volume is emptied into a special calibration vessel. The operator is now given the option to measure the moisture content of this volume himself and perform the calibration. The process is simple – the operator just has to enter the manually measured moisture content and the meter will adjust itself to the new level.

Examples of other uses
When batch drying using load cells with weight control, it is important to know the initial moisture content of the product in the dryer before drying. If the operator knows the original moisture content, the IIMC is a valuable tool for achieving the right moisture content from the dryer.

The operator activates the average value function when beginning to fill the dryer.
During the filling process, a number of measurements are taken and the average value of these is then displayed when the dryer is full. This average value can then be entered into the weight control, which will produce very accurate end results. All measurements taken are recorded and can naturally also be read during the filling process.

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