Sweep conveyor KTIS


The KTIS sweep conveyor transports material out from a silo and to a bottom conveyor. It can be operated without being exposed and it is equipped with a broom, which means that just a small amount of grain is left behind in the silo.

KTIS is manufactured from galvanized material in accordance with the EU machinery directives. KTIS is classified as a Category II 0D/OD Conveyor and is suitable to handle granulated and pulverized materials that is unclassified.

The KTIS Sweep Conveyor is designed to empty grain from a silo to a Skandia bottom conveyor. Rated capacities are based on grain with 15% moisture content and bulk density of 750kg/m³. The capacity will be affected with the same percentage as the gear box revolution changes. Connection of the machine takes place using cable with connecting plug. Slip ring is available as an accessory at extra cost.




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