Tornum’s TKR grain dryer is a recirculation dryer with heat recovery. After the air has passed the grain in the cooling zone of the grain dryer and so been heated, it is reheated in the lower coil before it passes through the lower drying zone.

The now slightly cooled and humidified air is then mixed with pre-heated fresh air from an extra coil in the bottom of the upper hot-air duct. The air is heated once more as it passes the upper coil. Now heated for the second time, the air passes the grain in the upper drying zone before leaving the grain dryer.

This design provides energy savings of 15–20 percent, depending on the drying temperature, the incoming and outgoing moisture content and the ambient temperature.
Temperature control is achieved using a controller that regulates the shunt valve.

Both the hot air and exhaust air plenums are equipped with inspection hatches that can be accessed via an external ladder, inspection platforms or joists. Inside the hatches there is a floor grating and ladders for internal inspection.

• Recirculation of air
• Reduced airflow by 35–45 percent
• Reduced energy consumption by 15–20 percent
• Coils for water
• Different temperature zones

Level indicator
Fire detection system



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