Kongerud, Mysen

The farm Kongerud is located at Slitu, Mysen, owned and operated by Halvor Lysaker.
Production on the farm is milk and grain

The dryingequipment from Tornum was partly built in an existing building and partly in a new building.
The existing house contained an almost 30 year old dryer and storagebin that were demolished.
The new facility consists of a continuous reception and a TGS pit with side protection.
A batch dryer TS with wave cells and a Haga HMV 450 as a heat source.

The storage consists of:
2 pcs. ST 30×50-7
1 pc. ST 30×50-9 divided, all with aeration
6 pcs. LT 30×50-13
and a bulk loading bin UT 30×50-6

  • Country: Norway
  • Categories: Agriculture
  • Type: Grain farm
  • Capacity: Total storage capacity 954 m3
  • Status: Finished

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