Lindnäs Gård

Lindnäs Farm is one of the largest grain farms in southern Finland. The drying house on the farm holds 2 350 3m and it have a 33 m3 intake pit in a separate loading part.

The dual batch dryer covers 54,5 m3 per dryer with weighing cells control, which means that the drying cabinet weighs and records the amount of water that needs to be taken away.  The dryer has three elevators. Storage and conditioning bins are self-discharging. The conditioning bin LT comprise 250 m3.

The farm has built three silos with storage capacity of 450 cubic meters each. Heat source is oil and pre- heated air.

  • Country: Finland
  • Categories: Agriculture
  • Type: Drying and storage plant
  • Capacity: Total storage capacity 2350m3
  • Status: Finished
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