Vansö Valla Gård

Vansö Valla Farm is located in Strängnäs and is run by Stehfan Waldebring. On the farm there are plant cultivation of 250 hectares, where oil plants, autumn wheat, malt grains, peas and oats are grown.

The idea of a new drying plant is to be able to efficiently dry their own grain, but also to support other people. It has also been of great importance that the drying plant has been built without a house when Stehfan received both a cheaper and dust-free drying plant.

The drying plant consists of;
• Continuous dryer TK 2
• 2 hopper bottom silos
• 90 m3 discharge pocket
• 16 m3 pits
• 360 Kw Haga furnace



  • Country: Sweden
  • Categories: Agriculture
  • Type: Outdoor drying and storage facility
  • Status: Finished

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