Turnkey Solution


Get in touch whenever you need our help – we’ll sort your problems! We know the importance of reliability when it comes to running a profitable facility. We always strive to improve your uptime through constant development and a well-documented ability to supply parts when needed. A large proportion of our range of spare parts is…

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Customer-adapted solutions – from partial assembly to turnkey facilities Whatever your needs may be, we at Tornum will supply exactly what you want. Our assembly technicians have years of experience building facilities of all sizes for the grain handling industry as well as for farmers. They work closely together with our project department, whether it…

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Our project managers will make you feel secure throughout the construction process The project manager is responsible for synchronizing work scheduling and materials supply for an efficient build, but also takes care of a lot of administrative issues such as Work Environment Plans, coordination of local regulations and laws and more. The project manager is…

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