The user-friendly PC interface lets you control your drying equipment on site or wherever you are, using the remote control fuction. The system can handle all types of dryer control offered by Tornum and can be adapted to work with your specific equipment.

The ability to pre-program the drying process and routes to storage bins using the system’s various queuing functions eases the workload for operators during stressful work periods.

Increases traceability

Demands on traceability and product origin information are ever growing. Hence the AutoDoc PC Control is equipped with log-in and statistics functions. The system also includes a sorting system, to prevent different types of grain from mixing in the storage bins.

In the event of equipment failure, the system sends an alarm to the operator’s mobile phone. Service engineers can connect to the system via the internet to carry out updates and servicing.

• Mobile control
• Replaces an operator terminal with a PC and associated software
• Control system shows the flow clearly
• Simple to expand if necessary


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