TORNUM’s self-discharging conditioning bin LT

Conditioning Bin LT is designed for cooling and as buffer storage before drying, as well as for final storage of grain. In response to market demands for larger discharging capacities with smaller fans, TORNUM has designed a brand new conditioning base with the fastest final discharge on the market. The laterals and main channel reduce the floor area used, ensuring a larger air quantity through the floor plate and therefore a rapid final discharge. The conditioning base combined with the smooth interior makes the bin ideal for seed management. The lower section of the conditioning bin has a built-in main channel with shutter, enabling several bins to be joined together.

• Made of hot-dip galvanized sheet metal
• Sections mounted on the lower section have a vertical height of 505 mm
• A smooth interior for easy cleaning
• The construction allows several assembly methods, which saves time
• The bin is available with central or side discharge
• Supplied with outlet shutter and manhole in section
• The fastest final discharge on the market

Level indicator
Temperature monitoring
Inspection hatch with safety grid, floor mounted
• Outlet connector




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