Tornum Bulk Loading Bin UT

Tornum’s bulk loading bin for grain storage ensures fast and efficient loading. The height and width are adapted to large vehicles which can easily be loaded as they drive through. The bin has a very robust design with a square-barred lattice frame. The bulk loading bin is also extremely easy to install and is assembled with screws and nuts.

• Made from hot-dip galvanized sheet steel
• Storage sections are 505 mm high and can be extended to the desired volume
• Smooth interior surfaces for easy cleaning
• The construction allows several installation methods, which saves time.
• The bin outlet is 300 x 300 mm and is fitted with a rack slide that can be manoeuvred from floor level using a control rod
• Standard clearance beneath the rack slide is 4,620 mm

Level indicator
Inspection hatch with safety grid, floor mounted
• Partitioning wall
• Shutter with controls
• Motorised shutter
• Ladder
• Hand rails



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