Damas Uniseed and Duoseed cleaning machines are designed for efficient on-farm grain grading and cleaning. They offer industrial-grade performance in a compact and cost-effective package, suitable for farms using grain for feed and sale. These machines are ideal for rapeseed, wheat, barley and maize.

Product Description

Damas Uniseed and Duoseed cleaning machines are purpose-built for on-farm grain grading and cleaning, as well as small-scale industrial grain processing. These machines offer the same high-level performance and efficiency found in the industrial-grade Damas OMEGA cleaner/grader but in a compact and cost-effective design, making them a perfect fit for farms that utilize grain for both feed and sale.

The Damas DuoSeed, a dual Uniseed machine, optimizes space utilization in your grain processing facility. These machines come in various configurations, complete with optional feeding devices, clipper-de-awners, and pre-suction units.

Uniseed and Duoseed cleaning machines are particularly well-suited for rapeseed, wheat, barley, maize and more.

How They Operate

Uniseed and Duoseed cleaning machines are constructed with galvanized steel and employ a flatbed cleaning method. The top screen moves smoothly in a horizontal pattern, while the bottom screen follows an oblique motion. This unique motion pattern, exclusive to SKIOLD Damas cleaners, ensures highly efficient scalping on the top screen and superior material grading.

On-Farm Grain Grading: Uniseed and Duoseed machines are ideally suited for farmers who produce their own fodder or grade their grain on-site. Their compact size, ease of operation, and minimal maintenance make them an excellent choice, even for intermittent use. Additionally, waste material can be utilized in automatic stokers, minimizing waste.

Enhanced Grain Quality: By choosing Uniseed or Duoseed for cleaning, such as rapeseed or malting barley, you can count on these machines to deliver exceptional quality, allowing you to command higher prices for your produce. These machines can also effectively remove most ergots from the grain, preserving the quality of your end product.

Improved Germination and Reduced Costs: Well-cleaned grains germinate better, and dressing material adheres more effectively to individual grains, reducing material loss and cost.

Higher Feed Value: When used for feed grain cleaning/grading, Uniseed and Duoseed machines produce consistently high-quality grain without unwanted contaminants, reducing dust production.

Lower Storage Costs: Properly graded cereals or seeds in storage pose a reduced risk of degradation due to mold, fungi, bacteria, and mites. This means less concern about grain spoilage and lower expenses for subsequent drying.

Extended Equipment Life: Well-graded cereals improve the performance and lifespan of your production equipment, optimizing your investments.

• Durable Design: Uniseed and Duoseed flatbed cleaners are built to last, featuring galvanized steel cabinets and specialized rubber balls to keep the screens clean. Minimal vibrations reduce floor or suspension stress, prolonging the life of your entire setup.

• Ease of Service and Operation: These flatbed cleaners are designed for hassle-free screen changes and straightforward day-to-day operations, making them easy to learn and master.




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