Pipe system for the rough stuff.
– Durable system that is assembled with screw flanges.
– Surface treatment designed in galvanized or enamelled steel.
– A flexible system with both straight and twisted elbows at different angles.
– Available in sizes #200, #250, #300.
– Thickness is 3 mm.
– In the case of extremely high wear and tear, the pipe system is available with 8 mm of interior plastic.

2-way distributor
– All sheet metal panels can be replaced in order to avoid replacing the entire distributor in the event that individual pieces become worn out.
– The distributors are flexible and are available with a left or right design, and position sensors have an inductive function and can be installed on either side.
– Inspection holes to check for wear and tear and to control the position (in order to minimize the risk of contamination).
– Pages T=3 mm.
– Shutter panel in Hardox steel T=8 mm, covered in 8 mm plastic.

– Durable shutters for a wide range of use.
– Designed with a strong, steel buttress thread.
– The shutter has a ball bearing joint in order to open and close under high pressure from the material.
– Available with guide wheel or electric motor.
– Shutters for use below the centre of the silo at the bottom of the silo, for example.
– Available in sizes #200, #250, #300.
– On the top of the shutter, there are guide plates that ensure that the shutter is closed tightly.
– Adjustable seals to prevent the product from penetrating into the mechanical parts of the shutter.


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