Damas Pulco

Pulco – Air Aspirator for both light and heavy crops

Efficient aspirator
The Pulco efficiently separates both light and heavy crops by air.

The aspirator can be used in any plant exactly where it will be most useful. It may be for precleaning at intake, for additional air cleaning in a fine cleaning process, for cereal seed before dressing, for industrial cleaning, or for malt at outloading.

The Pulco is designed to do the best possible cleaning under all circumstances. It can also be used to fractionate by means of a separating chamber for kernels.

The Pulco is a simple, environmentally compatible construction and is easy to operate. Can be provided with remote control.

  • The Pulco is self-cleaning and has a perfect flow of air because of the ideal distribution of material.
  • The machine produces no vibrations and requires very little space in relation to its capacity.
  • The Pulco is low-noise, requires little power and is environmentally compatible.
  • A comprehensive programme of accessories in modules ensures the possibility of meeting present and future requirements.



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